Focus on what you want, and let us provide the solution.  We can help build your team, your supervisors and your leaders.  We can build your team.

We are here to look after you.  At MCL Personal Ltd we don't look after ourselves, we look after you.  

Specialising in role specific training for your staff.  My company is here to source FREE adult education, so use me to your hearts desire, if I can't find it, i'll try harder!  I have several Government funded companies that are ready to find candidates, so use me!

We can offer a range of services, the key is, your focus, is our solution, we will provide.

 You get the idea.....!

We have a wealth of partner companies that we work with.  MCL Personal Ltd is your one stop shop to finding you a free adult education program, and works with several Government funded organisations.  

Want a free course?

Our specialities are assessing teaching candidates in Lean Management, Customer Service, Equality and Diversity, Management and Team Leading and more recently Apprenticeships in Sales, Customer Service, and Business Administration.  We offer, classroom sessions, Distance Learning, and online courses.

As you can see, we can help.  Just ask....

Mark BSc (Hons) Dip Assoc CIPD

Managing Director
MCL Personal Ltd

Company Registration Number 07580048

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