We work in partnership with many other companies and can provide distance and blended learning (online) and face to face apprenticeships for a variety of courses.  We also provide classroom based sessions for your company.  Please see below for all the details.

Distance and Blended Learning

If you are interested in distance and blended learning, please click on this link to see all courses available from our partner Learning Curve Group:

 All of the above courses are subject to eligibility.  Includes, customer service, lean management, team leading, equality and diversity, safeguarding and lots more



Awarded an Introduction into Coaching Certificate and NLP Diploma our coach can now offer coaching sessions and sessions in NLP to introduce your staff to the subjects.  Six sessions over a set period in your work place - watch them grow!

£ competitive


Understanding Customer Service 

·      Understand the legal and organisational requirement for managing customer service

·      Understand customer service standards

·      Know how to monitor customer service performance 

£ competitive (maximum 10 persons)



Meeting Customer Needs

·      Understand customer care and the benefits of good customer care

·      Know how to meet customer needs

·      Understand the importance of collecting, storing and interpreting customer feedback

·      Understand the process and content of effective workplace coaching

£ competitive (maximum 10 persons)


Developing Yourself and Others 

·      Know how to identify development needs

·      Know how to develop yourself and others to achieve organisational objectives 

£ competitive (maximum 10 persons)



Basic Customer Service

·      Understanding the Organisation

·      Delivering Excellent Customer Service

·      Communication in the Customer Service Role

£ competitive (maximum 10 persons) 

Basic Team Leading

·      Preparing to Lead the Team

·      Support Development of Self and Team Members

·      Communication and the Team Leader

·      Motivating the Team 

£ competitive (maximum 10 persons)


Neuro-Linguistic Programming - The Art Of Influencing People at Work  

·      Understand the debate of NLP

·      NLP in coaching practice

·      Understand the four pillars of NLP 

£ competitive (maximum 10 persons)

   Leadership Critical Management Experience

Pre-read required. Materials will be sent to delegates a week before the session.

This session is an Immersive simulation, it aims to develop critical thinking and problem solving by allowing teams to practice and improve decision making, communication and leadership skills. It replicates complexities of real tasks and situations that may occur in the workplace.

The session presents teams with a range of audio, video and text based materials to which they problem solve; Decisions are then debriefed in open forum, and ideas are discussed and assessed; Team activity is monitored and materials are handed out throughout the session, thereby creating an interactive event; There is no end game, there is no solution, this session is about learning.  

£ competitive (maximum 10 persons)


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